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Day 02 - A song that helps you clear your head

Viices by Made In Heights

See the future drivin’ in my rocket
Fly to other galaxies
Stimulate our eyelids
Enjoy the ride now baby I’m the pilot
Hear the engine revvin’ all the demons they survive it     

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Joanna Newsom - Sawdust and Diamonds

then I hear a noise from the hull
seven days out to sea
and it is the damnable bell!

and it tolls - well, I believe, that it tolls - it tolls for me!
and it tolls for me!

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— “The Gospel of John Hurt”

oh, coming out of the woodwork!
chest bursts like John Hurt

coming out of the woods

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— “Nara”

light the fuse—
hallelujah! hallelujah!

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the mariner’s revenge song // the decemberists

there is one thing i must say to you
as you sail across the sea
always your mother will watch over you
as you avenge this wicked deed

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its only a paper moon, sailing over a cardboard sea

i love that line. and this song

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Henryk Górecki

Symphony No. 3, Op. 36 “Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs”

II. Lento e Largo - Tranquillissimo - cantabillissimo - dolcissimo - legatissimo (09.26)

The Polish State Symphony Orchestra of Katowice conducted by Jerzy Swodoba with Zofia Kilanowicz, soprano.


Keeping my promise :3 this entire symphony is probably my favourite piece of classical music; the second movement is shortest and thus compliant with Tumblr’s upload limit (after some compression - I think it sounds okay, but if you do like what you hear, then buy a CD/download the lossless and enjoy it at its best).

I have two vivid memories associated with this. One is seeing it performed in 2005, and the other - earlier, by about a year or two - is listening to it, sitting on a coach on the way back from a school trip to France. I was crying about something, and my friend next to me was crying about something (different), and we both just sat for most of the journey in this quiet companionship, each knowing the other didn’t want to be bothered and respecting that. I think I eventually fell asleep.

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Composer: Edward Elgar (1857 - 1934)

Work: Variation IX (Adagio) “Nimrod” from Variations on an Original Theme for Orchestra “Enigma Variations” (1898 - 1899)

Performer: London Symphony Orchestra; conducted by Adrian Boult

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I am going to make it through this year if it kills me.

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